Monday, 1 April 2013

Season 2

Back to routine flying in the motor glider on Saturday. Flying 101 is doing circuits, aiming for precision flying: a proper rectangular track, accurate flying speed (90kph) and accurate maintenance of height, ideally to +/- 150 feet of the intended altitude.

But could I do it on Saturday? No. Wobbly take-offs, circuits that must have looked more like a drunken albatross careering round the sky, ropey approaches that resulted in frequent go-arounds (that's when a pilot gives up on trying to land, realising that something is irreversibly wrong with his approach to the ground, and opens the throttle to fly away again), and bumpy skewed landings. It was about what I was able to do six months ago. Frankly, I was out of practice.

Next time, there's nowhere to go but up...

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  1. Hey John, how's the flying going? I'm flying with Peter in the Falke also, but I haven't met ya down at the club yet. Your blog is great, fair play to ya. Some wind out today and it's been a while for myself flying, so a similar story to yourself today with wobbly landings and even wobblier take offs! Are you planning on taking the exams soon at all? Well sure hopefully see you in the club at some stage!