Saturday, 13 October 2012

First Solo - declined

Bright sunny Saturday afternoon. More circuits and landings. All without guidance or intervention from my oh-so-patient instructor. During our now-customary pit-stop Peter announced that I could go up and do a couple of circuits by myself! I was..... flattered, dumbfounded, unprepared even. He pointed out that I had just completed 5 textbook landings in a row.

I considered it briefly and then decided to stick to my plan of allowing a few more lessons after he determined that I was good enough, just to add a little safety margin of my own. After all, I don't want to be remembered as the guy who wrote off the machine on his first solo! A few more landings in challenging conditions, with Peter beside me, and then I'll do it. I haven't read others' blogs on this topic so I invite comment and opinion on this view from anyone with similar or greater experience.

Does anyone out there read this? Consider this request a message in a bottle....

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  1. Hey John, I am indeed reading your blog, it's great, good man!

    Well I just soloed back in October in the motorglider and it was a great experience, if a little daunting when Peter stepped out and left me on my own! With the bit of nerves I messed up my startup checks and had to do them again!

    I taxied out after making the radio call and lined up on the runway, one last check for full power and putting on plenty of carb heat and watching for an increase in revs....there was no increase, lovely! Then off down the runway and waited for the tailwheel to lift, before applying a bit of back pressure to take off. And then it was me and Falke alone for 3 citrcuits!

    The nerves dissipated soon after take off, when you could settle in a bit on the climb out and 1st half of the downwind, doing the checks and keeping an eye on the airfield. Then the nerves came back a bit, approaching the threshold on the downwind leg, as carb heat applied and power to idle, then onto base and final.

    The landings went ok and it was just starting to spit rain as I taxied in after the last landing so all was good!

    So far I've just had 2 days with solo flights, I managed to break my ankle and was out of action for 8 weeks, so trying to get back solo now again, but sure no rush!

    How are you getting on since this post, did you go solo lately? You were ready for it anyway by the sounds of it! Great stuff!